SPEEDAM_2018_Syncronous reluctance motor Design optimización and validation
ICEM_2018_Experimental comparison between induction and synchronous reluctance motor drives
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications_2018_Electrical vehicles – practical solutions for power traction motor systems
Colitech World Magnetic Conference 2018, ReFreeDrive Project Presentation, Fundación CIDAUT, B. Araujo
Colitech World Magnetic Conference 2018, Copper Use in e-Mobility, European Copper Institute, F. Nuño
Colitech World Magnetic Conference 2018, Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Traction Applications University of L’Aquila, M. Villani
Colitech World Magnetic Conference 2018, Rare earth free PM Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicles, IFP Energies Nouvelles, B. Gaussens
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Colitech World Magnetic Conference 2018, Evaluating Electrical Steels for Electric Vehicles, Rina CSM, S. Cicalé, S. Notargiacomo
Coiltech 2018 Video
WMM_2018_High Performance Electrical Motors for Automotive Applications – Status and Future of Motors with Low Cost Permanent Magnets
EVS32_2019_Poster_ Design of a 200kW PM Synrel motor without rare earth PM for electric vehicle
TAE_2019_Innovative e-drive solutions for battery electric vehicles avoiding rare earths
IEMDC_2019_High speed synchronous reluctance motors for electric vehicles A focus on rotor mechanical design
Coiltech_2019_JLR_Rare earth free drive units for powertrain electrification
Coiltech_2019_FITGEN_Functionally integraded e-axle ready for mass market third generation electric vehicles
Coiltech_2019_IFPEN_High speed 200kW ferrite assisted Synrel motor for electrical vehicles
Coiltech_2019_CID_Rare earth free e-drives featuring low cost manufacturing
Coiltech_2019_MDL_Optimization of a high speed copper rotor induction motor for a traction application
Coiltech_2019_UAQ_Synchronous reluctance motor for traction applications
Coiltech _2019_ECI_AUR_BREU_Copper in e-mobility Manufacturing technologies for copper rotors
IEMDC_2019_Design analysis of a high speed copper rotor induction motor for traction application
ECCE_2019_Hydrothermal performance of ethylene glycol and water mixture in a spiral channel for electric motor cooling
Entropy_2019_On heat transfer performance of cooling systems using nanofluid for electric motor applications
ECCE_2019_A copper rotor induction motor for Electrical Vehicles Traction System
ECCE_2019_Synchronous reluctance motors With asymmetric rotor shapes and epoxy resin for electric vehicles
IECON_2019_Finite element model co-simulation of an induction motor drive for traction application
IECON_2019_Optimisation of a high speed copper rotor induction motor for a traction application
UIT Heat Transfer Conference Numerical investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer in cooling of electrical motor
Horizon2020 ReFreeDrive Project: Rare Earth Free e-Drives featuring low cost manufacturing
Driving the future of electromobility through innovative rare-earth free motor technologies
How copper contributes to sustainable mobility
Performance Evaluation of an Induction Motor Drive for Traction Application
Nuno Fernando Villani Marco_Presentation MS2020
RFD-Intro for Coiltech 2020 TJGF sep20
WMM20 Popescu Electrical Steel and Motors performances-Role of Lamination Thickness
WMM20 Villani High performance synrel for EVs-Comparison between NGO and GO steels
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