Last October University of L’Aquila and Motor Design Ltd represented ReFreeDrive project at IECON’2019 conference (IEEE 45th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society), which took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

As part of their contribution to the event, several papers were published (see our previous announcement on this topic). Recently another paper presented at the conference finished the embargo period and is ready to be shared. The paper, titled “Performance evaluation of an induction motor drive for traction application” deals with the design of an induction motor drive for traction application in the framework of the EU H2020 “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”. Oriented to premium performance vehicles, the motor must be capable to provide 200 kW in the range from 6000 to 20000 rpm. The paper focuses on the performance evaluation of the motor design accounting for the drive control strategies. Maximum performance both in the constant torque and the flux weakening zones are outlined by Finite Element Method steady-state analyses, providing the thermal and supply limits. The drive control is taken into account by means of dynamic simulations. The performance is evaluated over the whole torque-speed region considering the actual control strategy and driving modes of modern smart vehicles.

You can download this paper as well as all other relevant documentation about ReFreeDrive project in our Downloads section of this website. Enjoy!

Operating torque-speed zones of a motor-drive for premium BEV application

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770143