The third webinar of the ReFreeDrive’s webinar series has already taken place! This time we counted with four speakers, who shared with us the main features involved in the manufacturing of the four induction machines developed within the project. With more than 200 registrations, we are very pleased with the reception of this initiative by the audience.

As a quick summary of the webinar’s contents, in first place, Tomas Jezdinsky from European Copper Institute gave a brief introduction to the project. Secondly, Denise Willems from Aurubis explained the selection process of the conductive material for the rotor, as well as the transformation steps that allow obtaining Cu-Ag stator slots and end-rings from the raw materials. Next, David Schmitz from Breuckmann e-mobility described their innovative casting process, which allows manufacturing die-casted rotors with zero porosity levels. Finally, on the stator side, Mario Vetuschi from Tecnomatic detailed the hairpin winding process from its conception to the manufacturing process itself, and gave valuable insights on how to handle the cost-performance trade-off at the design stage

Missed it? Now you can check it here. Enjoy!


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770143