Last 13th May the webinar “Rare earth-free motor designs for e-mobility” took place, opening the ReFreeDrive webinar series, which will be organized in the following months to share the progresses and results of the project with the scientific and industrial communities.

The webinar counted with the participation of several ReFreeDrive partners, who explained first-hand what were the challenges faced during the design of the different e-drives developed as well as the different procedures implemented to come to the optimized solutions, able to accomplish all target KPIs.

Initially, a brief overview of the project was given, including its scope and general objectives, and stressing why the development of rare-earth free electric drivetrains is essential to reduce European dependency on external suppliers. Then the different motor solutions considered in the project were described, summarizing the technological features of each one of them (induction machine, synchronous reluctance motor and ferrite magnets assisted synchronous reluctance motor) and how they influence the design process. Scalability aspects have been considered for all cases in order to be able to deliver motor solutions for 75kW and 200kW power levels.

Right below you can access the recording of the webinar as well as the slides that were shared.

Stay tuned to keep informed about future webinars!



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770143