On Tuesday 2nd of July, Tomas Jezdinsky from European Copper Institute (ECI), one of the ReFreeDrive project partners, will take part in the colloquium “Future Mobility” hosted by TAE (Teknische Akademie Esslingen) in Ostfildern, Germany.

The colloquium “Future Mobility” will present some of the latest developments in alternative powertrain technologies, batteries, fuel cells, charging infrastructure, lightweight construction and design, vehicle networking and traffic and automated driving, all these topics covered by selected experts on these fields. It also provides a forum for encouraging discussions and technical exchanges about solutions, strategies and business models for the coming years, with a clear practice-oriented approach.

ECI’s presentation, titled “Innovative E-Drive Solutions for Battery Electric Vehicles Avoiding Rare Earths”, and belonging to the Energy and Climate thematic area of the colloquium, will give an overview of ReFreeDrive project, focusing on how the technologies developed within this project, induction and synchronous reluctance motors, will contribute to improve EU competitiveness and the sustainability of the electric mobility, by means of avoiding the use of Rare Earth Elements in electric motors manufacturing, while maintaining its expected performance.

Follow this link to check additional information about the event: https://www.tae.de/kolloquien-symposien/elektrotechnik-elektronik-und-energietechnik/future-mobility/

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770143