ReFreeDrive project reached half of its length last March. This means it was time to hold the Midterm review meeting. To this end, all project members and the Project Officer met last 22nd and 23rd of May in Brussels, at Aurubis facilities.

During the meeting, the main achievements of the project were noted, and the results of the different tasks carried out by each consortium member were discussed. At this point, the motor design stage is almost finished, so the results obtained can give an accurate idea about what can be expected from the final prototypes. Fortunately, all projects KPIs and milestones are being successfully accomplished, hence our expectations remain the highest for the upcoming challenges we will face in the second half of the project.

Regarding our dissemination activities, the Project Officer congratulated us for the great impact the Electric Drivetrain Innovation Cluster event organized last March together with Modul-ED and DRIVEMODE projects had, and he encouraged us to organize additional joint events to show the final results of our projects. We are working hard to make it happen, so don’t forget to check our channels (website and LinkedIn) regularly to know the details.

In the following months the optimized motor designs for both configurations (induction and synchronous reluctance) and power levels (200kW and 75kW) will be manufactured and tested. Really crucial months for the project are coming, so stay tuned to be up to date with the latest news!

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770143