The IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC) has become one of the major events in the field of electrical machines and drives. IEMDC is a reference forum to disseminate and exchange state of art in the field of Electrical Machines and Drives. The 2019 edition was held in San Diego (CA), 12-15 May. IEMDC seeks to address all aspects of design, operation, control, and systems integration of electric machines, electromechanical actuators, and the controls and power electronic drives that implement their applications. You can find further information about the event on is official website:

The partners of the ReFreeDrive Project presented the latest results about design of sychronous reluctance and induction motors. Two conference papers were published, which are briefly described below.

Title: High speed synchronous reluctance motors for electric vehicles: a focus on rotor mechanical design

Authors: Andrea Credo, Giuseppe Fabri, Marco Villani, Mircea Popescu

Abstract: This paper deals with the design of high speed Synchronous Reluctance motor for electric vehicle application. The study aims at the development of rare-earth free electric motor technologies suitable for the next generation of premium vehicles.  The performance of the Synchronous Reluctance Motors decreases in deep flux weakening operations in particular when radial ribs are adopted for mechanical purpose. The issues in the introduction of specific ribs in the rotor geometry, needed to increase the structural integrity of the rotor and limiting the deformation of it in proximity to the air gap at high speed, are discussed. The adoption of a mechanical optimization tool has allowed the refining of the rotor shapes by improving the disposition and the dimension of the ribs minimizing the effect on the electromagnetic performance. The approach leads to an original positioning of the radial ribs able to enhance the performance of the motor at high operating speed.


Title: Design Analysis of a High Speed Copper Rotor Induction Motor for a Traction Application

Authors: Nicolas Rivière, Giuseppe Volpe, Marco Villani, Giuseppe Fabri, Lino Di Leonardo, Mircea Popescu

Abstract: This paper deals with the design of a 200kW, 20krpm machine for an electric vehicle application. The aim of the research is to design a low cost, rare-earth free magnet electric motor while ensuring mass production feasibility and providing higher performance than currently available technologies. Electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical constraints are considered throughout the machine design process, from the specification to the optimization. Rotor die-casting, oil spray cooling and hairpin winding are among the solutions investigated to fulfill the project requirements. Analytical and numerical methods are adopted for electromagnetic and continuous performance calculations over the machine’s full speed range, taking into account the mechanical limits from a stress and modal point of view.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770143